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Date Changes
2016-11-29 Added the parameter 'bundle' to API_Module_SpamExperts_generateSeLoginUrlRequest
2016-10-19 Added a link for API_Module_Domain_tryAgainDomainRequest to the main page
2016-10-17 Added protocol 13 as a possible value for DNSSEC in API_Format_DNSSEC_Keys
2016-10-17 Added intendedUse as a required parameter for .pl API_Format_Additional_Data
2016-10-10 Added accepted values for TTL in API_Format_Records
2016-06-13 Added .cat and .barcelona to the Additional Data Documentation, intendedUse is mandatory.
2016-05-18 Added output parameter for extensionAdditionalData in searchCustomerRequest and retrieveCustomerRequest
2016-05-06 Removed 'WPBMLSUPPORT' as a feature from API_Format_License_Options - Future requests for this option need to be done via Support
2016-02-04 Added new options for record types in API_Format_Records. SRV, TLSA and SSHFP added as possibilities. NS allowed only when your account has this enabled.
2015-12-04 Added new options for signatureHashAlgorithm for createSslCertRequest and reissueSslCertRequest
2015-10-26 Added information about the parameter 'protocol' that is now mandatory when using DNSSEC with domain commands: API Format DNSSEC Keys
2015-09-17 Added API Module Email Templates to public documentation
2015-03-23 Added domain validation method selection to API. Changed commands: createSslCertRequest, reissueSslCertRequest, retrieveOrderSslCertRequest, searchOrderSslCertRequest; added command modifySslCertRequest; added data structure domainValidationMethods
2015-03-04 Added information about the field for Gender when using customer handles in API Format Gender
2015-01-19 'AEX' status has become obsolete and was removed from the list of API Format Domain Status
2015-01-12 Described Plesk 12 Virtualization parameter in API_Format_License_Options
2015-01-05 Described possible statuses for domains in API Format Domain Status
2014-10-30 Described Plesk 12 options in API_Format_License_Options
2014-10-22 Added support for .uk registrar tag change in transferDomainRequest
2014-09-09 Added documentation hash algorithm in createSslCertRequest and reissueSslCertRequest
2014-07-28 Added documentation for ICANN Email verification. startCustomerEmailVerificationRequest, restartCustomerEmailVerificationRequest and searchCustomerEmailVerificationRequest
2014-07-17 Added additional output parameters softQuarantineExpiryDate, hardQuarantineExpiryDate and restorableUntil to retrieveDomainRequest
2014-07-15 Added zip code validation rules to address format definition
2014-05-05 Renamed renewalDate parameter to expirationDateOpenprovider; affected functions: searchDomainRequest, retrieveDomainRequest, createDomainRequest, transferDomainRequest and tradeDomainRequest
2014-03-12 Added documentation for handling of nameserver objects (hosts): searchNsRequest, retrieveNsRequest, createNsRequest, modifyNsRequest and deleteNsRequest
2014-01-20 Added applicationMode parameter in API command createDomainRequest
2013-12-17 Added resellerHandle parameter in API commands createDomainRequest, transferDomainRequest, tradeDomainRequest and modifyDomainRequest
2013-07-03 Included pre-registration into createDomainRequest; pre-registration works similar to normal registration
2013-06-26 Added billingHandle parameter in API commands createDomainRequest, transferDomainRequest, tradeDomainRequest and modifyDomainRequest
2013-02-04 Added product ID for Plesk Panel for Virtual Machines to license options
2013-01-25 License structure change; updated createLicenseRequest and license options
2013-01-23 Published new version of API.php and example-order-forms.tar.gz (no functional changes)
2012-12-28 Added differentiation between delete and return to registry in deleteDomainRequest
2012-12-24 Added option for hashed password in ApiAuthentication
2012-09-14 Updated return values in createDomainRequest
2012-09-07 Fixed wrong product IDs in SSL product IDs list
2012-08-15 Added command retrieveApproverEmailListSslCertRequest
2012-06-26 Included Hosting Suite options in API Format License Options
2011-10-31 Updates related to "expiration/renewal date" release
2011-10-03 Updates related to SSL release
2011-09-21 Updates related to SSL changes
2011-09-05 Updates related to IPv6 release
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