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Welcome to the Openprovider documentation pages

On those pages, documentation can be found about integration of the Openprovider API in your own systems. Changes to the documentation will be tracked in the changelog.

How to use the API

Quickly get familiarized with the API of Openprovider.

API Commands


Each API call requires authentication, either via password or password hash.

Customer Module

Methods to manage customers data in your reseller account. Every customer created in our system gets unique identifier or customer handle. Customer handles are used throughout the whole system in all product modules (domains, SSL, licenses etc).

Domain Module

Methods to manage domains in your reseller account

Extension Module

Methods to get more info around domain extensions (TLDs)

Nameserver Group Module

Managing your nameserver groups for easier domain management.

Nameserver module

Managing your DNS zones and DNS templates.

SSL Module

Methods to manage SSL certificates in your reseller account

License Module

Methods to manage Plesk and Virtuozzo licenses in your reseller account

SpamExperts Module

Methods to manage spam-filtering service on your domains via SpamExperts

Reseller Module

Methods to manage your reseller account

Financial Module

Methods to get financial details from your account

Email Module

As ICANN accredited registrar we are obliged to validate email addresses for all domains in gTLD zones. These methods will help our resellers to manage the verification process.

Email Templates Module

Used to customize email templates. ICANN emails are sent based on the templates that reseller builds in his account. If no custom templates are built by the reseller - ICANN e-mails are sent based on the default templates

Tag Module

Could be used to manage ICANN emails recipient groups. Resellers can group customers via tags functionality. Once ICANN e-mail templates are customized per customer group - it is possible to setup sending ICANN e-mails to different customer groups with different layout, look and feel.

API response codes

API responses & error handling

Each API call responds with response code and description (if required).

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