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Module Extension > Search

Module extension
Command name searchExtensionRequest
Use Returns a list of extensions (TLDs) matching search criteria
  • limit
  • offset (default value: 0)
  • onlyNames (use to receive only the list of TLDs in the response)
  • withDescription (default value: 0)
  • withPrice (default value: 0)
  • withUsageCount (default value: 0)
Output Result set of extension details:
  • name
  • minPeriod (minimum period of registration in years)
  • maxPeriod (maximum period of registration in years)
  • transferAvailable (if transfer is available for this TLD)
  • tradeAvailable (if trade is available for this TLD)
  • isTransferAuthCodeRequired (if transfer is done via authorization code)
  • isTradeAuthCodeRequired (if trade is done via authorization code)
  • isAuthCodeRequested (if authorization code could be requested from registry via e-mail)
  • isAuthCodeAvailable (if authorization code is available immediately on demand)
  • isAuthCodeChangeable (if authorization code could be changed via API call)
  • domicileAvailable (if domicile \ trustee service could be used for TLD)
  • quarantinePeriod (period in days that allows to restore domain after deletion)
  • dnssecAllowed (if DNSSEC is allowed for this TLD)
  • status (ACT - active, PRE - only pre-registrations available)
  • supportedIdnScripts (the list of supported IDN scripts)
  • prices
  • usageCount (to show number of domains with such TLD in the account)
  • description
  • isLockingAllowed (if TLD supports 'theft protection')
  • isPrivateWhoisAllowed (if Whois Privacy Protection could be enabled on domains registered in this TLD)


Using PHP class

$request = new OP_Request;
  ->setAuth(array('username' => 'username', 'password' => 'password'))
    'withUsageCount' => true


Please note that newlines and leading spaces are added only for readability. Those whitespaces should be excluded from your XML command before sending it to Openprovider.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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